Athens universities guide

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


The Department of European and International Relations provides the
incoming students with an information package on arrival (at the
Orientation Day). The department is reachable through metro line No 2:
station “Panepistimio”

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
European and International Relations Department
Erasmus Office
30 Panepistimiou (El. Venizelou) Street
GR-106 79 Athens

Days and hours of acceptance: Monday to Thursday 11:00 – 13:00.
Institutional Coordinator: Professor Theodore Liakakos
Vice-Rector of Student Care and
International Relations
Committee of International Relations and European Educational

Programmes: Professor Eleni Mantzourani, President

Contact persons:
Ms. FRYDA Fotini

Ms. ANESTI Elena

Ms. VLASSI Margarita


For incoming students:
Ms. TSOLAKIDOU Effie tel. no: +30 210 3689698
E-mail address: erasmus@interel.uoa.gr
Tel. no: +30 210 3689713-6, Fax no: +30 210 3689720
Website: http://www.interel.uoa.gr/erasmus

National Technological University of Athens

European Educational Programmes Office

European Educational Programmes Office is located in the Administration Building, on the first floor, room 106. Head of the office is Mrs A. Kapetanakis who coordinates the activities within the LLP/Erasmus framework. Mrs V. Thoma is responsible for the financial services of the programme and the Bilateral Agreements between European Universities and N.T.U.A. Mrs E. Skordalakis and Mr. S. Pitsikalis take care of all the required paperwork for both incoming and outgoing students.

Incoming students should apply to N.T.U.A. at least two months before their arrival by contacting Mrs E. Skordalakis at the email address eeskorda[at]central.ntua.gr. Applicants electronically receive instructions about their Application at the host School, greek language courses (free of charge), accommodation and all required paperwork. It also provides information about student facilities and services and cultural pursuits existing at N.T.U.A. The European Educational Programmes Office is at the disposition of the accepted students throughout their studies at N.T.U.A. within the LLP/ Erasmus Programme.
Incoming students at the School of Architecture should contact directly Mrs VAROUHAKIS Eleftheria, at the email address elefthv[at]central.ntua.gr.


  • Head – Mrs KAPETANAKIS Aristea , (iroffice[at]central.ntua.gr, tel + 30 210 772 1017, fax+ 30 210 772 1949)
  • Acting Head – Mrs THOMA Vassiliki , (vthoma[at]central.ntua.gr, tel + 30 210 772 1199, fax + 30 210 7721949)
  • Incoming Students – Mrs SKORDALAKIS Eleftheria,(eeskorda[at]central.ntua.gr, tel +30 210 772 4172, fax+ 30 210 772 1949) . Opening hours: Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri, 08:30-12:00 and 12:30-15:00, Wed: closed for the public
  • Outgoing students – Mr. PITSIKALIS Spyros, (spyros.pitsikalis[at]gmail.com, tel +30 210 772 4056, fax+ 30 210 772 1949). Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 09:30–12:30

Source: ESN NTUA Athens

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

Your link to Panteion University is the Department of International Relations & European Union (IR&EU)
Head of the Department: Aggeliki Kardiacaftiti / Information: Anna Pateraki
Panteion University, 136, Sygrou Av., 17671 Kallithea – Greece / Main building – 2nd floor
email: erasmusecon@panteion.gr Tel. No.: +30 210 920 1483/4 fax No.: +30 210 921 5767

Head of Institution, Prof. G. Tsaltas – Rector  rector@panteion.gr
ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator (name, E-mail, tel/fax)

Prof. St. Perrakis
Email: sperrak@panteion.gr
Tel.: +30 210 920 1852
Fax: +30 210 362 9625

Incoming Students Contact Person: Mrs Eirini Pitsouli (administrative contact person

For more information, read the student pack for incoming Erasmus students at the Panteion University

University of Peireus -TEI

LLP- Erasmus Coordinator

Prof.  Stylianos Patsikas,  Administrator of School of Business & Economy

Tel: 210 -538 1415 e-mail: eu@teipir.gr

LLP – Erasmus Coordinators

Department Name Office Telephone e-mail
 AUTOMATION Alafodimos Konstantinos +30 210 5381327 calafod@teipir.gr
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Psomopoulos Konstantinos +30 210 5381182
ELECTRONICS Vasiliades Savas +30 210 5381489 svas@teipir.gr
 ELECTRONIC COMPUTER SYSTEMS Prezerakos George +30 210 538 1132 prezerak@teipir.gr
TEXTILES Papadias Nikolaos +30 210 5381247 npapad@teipir.gr
MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Nikas Konstantinos +30 210 538 1234 ksnikas@teipir.gr
CIVIL ENGINEERING Metaxas George +30 210 538 1018 gmeta@teipir.gr
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alexandrides Michael +30 210 5381258
 ACCOUNTING Patsikas Stylianos +30 210 538 1433 spatsikas@yahoo.gr
 TOURISM MANAGEMENT Kikilia Katerina katkik4@yahoo.com

Administration Staff

Dimitris Ouranos, Head of the Department

Tel: 210 5381109 email: eu@teipir.gr

Angelo Davaris, LLP – Erasmus  Internships, Coordination FP7

Tel: 210 53810009, 210 5381415,  210 561 3703

Fax: 210 5450964, e-mail:  eu3@teipir.gr

Eva Kontou, LLP – Erasmus  Administration Coordination, Outgoing students

Tel: 210 53810009, 210 5381415,  210 561 3703

Fax: 210 5450964, e-mail: eu@teipir.gr

Eleni Orfanou, LLP – Erasmus  Incomming Students

Tel: 210 53810009, 210 5381415,  210 561 3703

Fax: 210 5450964, e-mail: eu4@teipir.gr

You can find more information here, student pack for incoming Erasmus students at the University of Peireus

Athens University of Economics and Business 

Information regarding the Athens University of Economics and Business can be
obtained from:
The International Relations Office
Athens University of Economics and Business
76, Patission Street
Athens 104 34
Web site: http://www.aueb.gr
Telephone: +30 210 82 03 250, +30 210 82 03 220
Fax: +30 210 82 28 419, +30 210 82 14 081
e-mail address: galanaki@aueb.gr

The main site of the University is located at 76 Patission Street in the centre of
Athens, near the National Archaeological Museum. One of its sides faces the
Pedion Areos Park and the Panellinios Sports Club. Three more buildings in the
neighbourhood cover the University’s needs in offices and teaching rooms. One of
them is located at 12 Kodrikton Street, another one is at 12 Derigny Street; the
Research Centre is located a few blocks away, at 46 Kefallinias Street and the
Centre of Postgraduate Studies at Evelpidon and Lefkados Street.

You can find more information here, student pack for incoming Erasmus students at the AUEB

Technological Educational Institute of Athens (TEI Athens)

The headquarters of TEI of Athens are located at:
Agiou Spyridonos street
Egaleo, 12210

The office of International and Public Relations is open from Monday to Friday, 08:30-14:30. It is located opposite the Central Gate of TEI on the address:
Agiou Spyridonos & Milou 1 street
12210, Egaleo
Athens, Greece
Tel: +302105385178 / +302105385177 / +302105385176
Fax: +302105385176
E-mail: euroffic@teiath.gr
Website: http://www.teiath.gr/
You can find more information here, student pack for incoming Erasmus students at the TEI of Athens

Athens School of Fine Arts

Location: Erasmus Office 42 Patision st., 106 82 Athens

Mrs. Rolanda Tzianalou
Coordinator of the Socrates/Erasmus Programmes

Contact persons:~
Ms. Valeria Tsantila,
Mrs. Maria Felidou

42 Patision St.
106 82 Athens – Greece

tel. no: +30 210 38.03.010
fax no: +30 210 38.28.028

e-mail: socrates@asfa.gr



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